6-10S BMS
6-10S BMS
6-10S BMS


Discharge current:15A
LIN communication protocol 
This BMS is for 6-10 series battery pack and widely used in field of e-bike 、automotive 、robot etc。Other functions of it as follows:
  • Accurate statistics of the residual capacity (SOC) .
  • Record cycle times of lithium battery.
  • Record the time of longest recharge.
  • Built-in black box,recording the use of battery in detail.
  • The temperature protection.
  • Perfect protection mechanism to the battery.
  • The design of low-power,auto-sleep.
  • LIN communication protocol for connecting controller and central control system.
  • With Bootloader function for easy to upgrade and maintenance.
  • The ultra small volume for convenient to PACK battery.
  • Continuous discharge current is up to 15A.
  • Size:63.2*35*13mm.
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